Saturday, June 20, 2009

Video song of Enthiran!!!!???

The following video contains some of the scenes shooted in machu pichu. As a fan of rajini and of course enthiran i realise the hard work behind the song and movie. And without adding anything commercial i frankly say that therez nothing revealed so much. Only a 10 sec (approx) dance sequence followed up by a dance pratice by a trop for enthiran. And im confident that this video 'll not reduce the freshness of the movie rather this would result in increasing the expectation further..As usual our thalaivar rocks in the video and he will rock for sure in Enthiran...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Simply Be-dazing!!!!!

Yes.. The stills shot in Vellore are out now..Simply stunning

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

HBO articulate with SUN

In-order provide a opening which film industry has ever witnessed, HBO now articulate with Sun pictures.Enthiran is subtitled in english by HBO. This will enhance the hollywood crowd. Enthiran crew is now busy shooting some scenes in VIT. The news is that our thalaivar was rocking with black jeans, Black T-shirt and black glasses. Our fans said that he was like the same chandran in thillu mullu("Im out of the world now!!!''...). As already posted the next spot for enthiran is Top slip and the crew would go to Kulu manali for the next sequences.Another entropy  is that the crew is utilizing a work bench (Cost Control)software to have a virtual view of the shooting and lightings and to control the cost of the scene. 

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Special!!!!!!!!!

Bruit Elucidated!!!!!

It is now all clear that the bruit which spread wasn't any true. The bruit was the scenes which were shooted under previous production house("Ayngaran") were deleted and the 30 crores spent for the scenes were emaciated. But the truth is the scenes were too good to be eliminated and the present producer kalanidhi maran was yarn-dyed with the scenes which was shooted previously and erased the budget boundary and requested shankar to shoot the movie at this at-most preference . 

CG First rest next?????

It was a wonderful interview with our cinematographer Ratnavelu. He aforementioned that this project is this biggest and 'dream come true' one. His previous films pathimagan and vaaranam aayiram were artistic . He mentioned that his film would a stylish one and added that he has a special tone for the project. Interestingly he said that CG Computer Graphics of the movie is been done simultaneously.  Normally the CG work would be done only at the last.But in this movie the computer graphics is done then and there for great efficiency.He cited that two songs and few scenes were shooted and it had a great result. Similarly Manish Malhotra , COstume designer said that it has been a great experience working with our thalaivar and added that he is a man of great dedication  and a person who maintains great punctuality.He too said that the movie would turn up in to a great movie.

Success !! Success!!

The latest seethe is that the shooting of Enthiran is in VIT, vellore institute of technology.According to the media and various other sources , thalaivar and aishwariya has indulged for a scene in VIT. Enthiran crew sought prior permission from VIT for permitting them for the shoot in their Laboratory. As we all know that our superstar is scientist in the movie.According to the scene Superstar along with Aishwariya is doing a research in the lab. Finally in the scene rajini shouts "Success !! Success !!" at-last. My guess is that both thalaivar and aish would have done this experiment in-order to prevent or stop the rampage or mischief  which is done or will do in future by Robot.Hmm !!.. Let us hope for the best..The crowd due to Thalivar's presence is increasing in magnitude in VIT. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Simplicity and Punctuality Embellished!!!

If i say simplicity then the name flashes first in everyone's mind is "Rajinikanth".Similarly if i say punctuality the name again comes in every director's mind(Shankar for instance) is "Rajinikanth".Here is the proof for the both:
Enthiran crew is currently in Ennore . The scenes between rajini and aishwariya were shooted from 9 PM to 3AM. Superstar normally reach the spot via Redhills and Ponneri. Yesterday he took the 100 feet road route to reach the spot. Unfortunately he struck up in the traffic . It was a heavy one indeed. Superstar immediately rang up shankar and conveyed the issue. Shankar immediately responded to postpone the shooting schedule. But thalaivar was not ready for that. As we know our superstar is director's actor and he will never allow this to happen due to his problem. Shankar got an idea and sent 4 stunt masters in motor bike to rajini's spot. The stunt master's arrived immediately to rajini's spot and requested to wear  a rain coat and a cap to cover up.Rajini obliged and reached to the spot and made everyone in the spot astound. 

How is it???

Monday, December 22, 2008

Behind the screens!!!!!

"SunTv bags Enthiran" - is the news which i should say the most common news all around india. The rumor is that the budget of the movie is 165 crores. Why ayngaran transferred its rights to sun network?.. What forced ayngaran to do this even-after having Superstar-the king of collection in lead role?..This question arises to each and each everyone who are interested in this project. As we know shankar completed some portions of the movie probably equal to 20% of the movie.This includes a fight scene , some shots in goa and two melodies. This is the portion which was done before the rights exchange. Now you'll be in eager to know the fight scene..right??. .To say the truth , the news which is spreading widely now is that shankar has spend lavishly for crew conveyance and lodging alone. Coming to the fight scene , shankar compelled ayngaran and eros to buy brand new Mercedes, Audi and BMW for that fight scene. Actually these three were blown up thereafter in which he could have used for dummies instead.The money spend for these cars is 3 crores. The budget decided initially for the movie was 120 crores. Eros and Ayngaran agreed for the same. After then the budget was increased to 150crores by shankar. After several flops in bollywood , Eros backed up from the project. Ayngaran on the other could not resist the heavy essence on its own. Few other flops from ayngaran added up the burden to them. This paved way for sun pictures to bag the project. According to my view, i think sun pictures is the only potential source for Enthiran. Only they know the right way of marketing. Just imagine their previous distributions of Kadhalil Vizhudein , Thenavattu and Dindugal Sarathy. These films would have gone trash or would have not  been released if not sunpictures.Suntv is well aware that their dish would go sky popular within a year or so in india. Hence they would advertise the movie all over india and create an opening which will surely create a history in india. With thalaivar in lead role the money spend now could be easily taken up by overseas collection of the movie alone since we are all aware of thalaivar's image abroad. 
Source: Times of India

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yet another scene from enthiran leaked???

I feel hatred for leaking the scenes from enthiran fearing the freshness of the movie. But no one can stop the media from leaking and we too would feel anxious to know the scene(Come on .. this is thalaivar's enthiran).No matter what leaks before the movie release nothing can prevent our thalaivar's movie from a great success. As we all know that songs of "sivaji-the boss" were released by many wildcats unoffically. But the audio sales broke many records and still stands first in terms of collection.Coming to the topic, a scene from enthiran was leaked by a popular tamil magazine. The scene was shot in a saloon . There scientist rajini comes with his robot which resembles him. Everyone in the saloon was startled to see rajini with robot. They actually were not aware that it is a robot. The saloon owner asks rajini that he has not told them that he has got a brother and never brought him to their saloon. Rajini replies that the fellow(robot) was born yesterday . The Robot rajini asks the saloon owner for a magazine or newspaper to read. The robot completes reading everything within a second and asks for more. The saloon owner then give the robot a 300 page magazine cogitating that robot would take some time to read all pages. To his surprise, the robot completes everything within a wink.The saloon owner assumes as the robot would have just glanced and enquires the robot to describe the content of the magazine. Robot mesmerize the saloon crowd by telling each and every point in the magazine including the page number and the para of the content.Everyone were scandalized. Me too...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

"I'll throw u..."- Enthiran movie dialogue??

The shooting which was scheduled to be in top slip has been cancelled and shifted to Ennore. The crew is working so arduous in bringing each and every anatomy of the movie tremendous. The lights were perfect for the shot in ennore. Two caravans were there for our thalaivar  and thalaivi(Just kidding!!! Aishwariya, i mean) . It was the scene in which thalaivar has to shout at the robot(thalaivar himself).Thalaivar said  “நீ தொடர்ந்து இதே மாதிரி பண்ணிக்கிட்டு இருந்தா உன்னை பிரிச்சு கடல்ல போட்டுருவேன், ஜாக்ரதை”( if u repeat the same again i'll throw you out in the sea).After it was shot thalaivar was back to his chair and not straight to his caravan. 
Thats it for now , meet you all in the next.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

New stills and videos of Enthiran Leaked

Press release

The latest fire buzz in whole of india is about Enthiran and Sun network. Ayngaran has handed over the production to Sun network. It is rumored that sun network has bought the production rights for whooping 100 crores. Adding to this buzz ,latest stills of enthiran, shooted at machu picchu have been leaked. To say the least , the stills are damn rocking.
'Ungalukku innum vayasey agala(You are still young and would be the same in all future)'

Official sun news report:

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Top Slip to become world famous??????


If you are in coimbatore then by 2010 top slip would grab world attention. Yes!. Enthiran's next schedule is gonna be in Top slip. Top slip is located in Coimbatore district at pollachi. Its about 75 kms from coimbatore airport. The best season is considered to be in the month of october to febraruary. Director Shankar immediately fixed the location for shooting. One should say that top slip is 'nature at its best'.See the images above. Its not foreign, its coimbatore. Some details of top slip
Longitude: 76°00' - 77°56' E; Latitude: 10°12' - 11°07' N

Temperatures: Min 2°C (winter); Max 25°C (summer)

Best Season: Between May to June and October to February.